Cellular Therapies for Athletes and Possible FDA Policies: Interview with Dr. Cetrulo, Sr.

Cellular Therapies for Athletes and Possible FDA Policies: Interview with Dr. Cetrulo, Sr.

How will future FDA policies affect research and potential cellular therapies using cord blood and other perinatal stem cells? Dr. Cetrulo, Sr. explains his concerns in this video.

Together with our friends at BioInformant, we recently spoke with Dr. Curtis Cetrulo, Sr. at the 2016 Perinatal Stem Cell Conference in Aspen, Colorado about cellular therapies and potential FDA policies.

This is not the first time that we have interviewed Dr. Cetrulo, Sr.. Each time we are impressed with his vision of how the cord blood and perinatal stem cell industry is developing. A pioneer in this field, he has always been an advocate for cord blood preservation and, as much as is possible, the preservation of all perinatal stem cells.

Curtis Cetrulo speaks on FDA Policies and cellular therapies

Dr. Curtis Cetrulo, Sr. speaking at the 2016 Perinatal Stem Cell Conference

Dr. Cetrulo, Sr. was one of the main speakers at this event where he presented:

“Perinatal Stem Cells and Reconstructive Transplantation: Potential Therapies for Wounded Warriors and Athletes”

The presentation focused on the increasingly interesting research involving the use of various types of perinatal stem cells (including those from cord blood) in the treatment of sports injuries.

We asked Dr. Cetrulo, Sr. to give us a quick overview of his presentation in simple terms so that our community of parents and medical professionals could hear for themselves what makes perinatal stem cells special and why we should save them.  Indeed, he discussed this and more during our quick chat. He also expressed his growing concern that future government policies, such as those coming up for debate with the FDA, might try to limit what we can do with stem cells in such a way that could impede research or rule out certain applications that are potentially very beneficial.

Watch this interview to learn about the potential of perinatal stem cells and hear Dr. Cetrulo’s concerns about potential FDA policies, a concern we share:


FDA Policies Cord Blood Cellular Therapies


We wish to thank Dr. Cetrulo, Sr. and the Perinatal Stem Cell Society for their help in making this project possible. 

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This quick interview with Dr. Cetrulo Sr. is great introduction
to his more detailed presentation on
Women’s Health: Perinatal Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine


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