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Expectant parents are faced with an overwhelming number of important decisions before their baby is even born. Cord blood banking or cord blood donation is one of the most important, life-altering decisions a new parent can make. Learn more ››

Save the Cord Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, is dedicated to making this important decision as simple as possible for parents by providing unbiased educational information regarding cord blood banking / donation and the life-saving qualities of cord blood.


Since 1988, there have been more than 35,000 cord blood transplants worldwide.  Far from science-fiction, cord blood is currently used to treat over 80 diseases including sickle cell anemia, lymphoma and leukemia. In the emerging field of regenerative medicine there is great promise in treating things like autism, diabetes, hearing loss, stroke, brain injury and more.

Find the best public donation program or private cord blood bank for your family, explore our interactive map

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Share the Science

Free educational webinar series.
cord blood for the heart - Dr. Nelson of Mayo Clinic explains

NEXT on Share the Science:  Dr. Timothy Nelson joins us from the MAYO Clinic to discuss how he is using cord blood to strengthen the HLHS heart breaking new ground in regenerative medicine. Register for this FREE webinar here.

Share the Science is a unique webinar series dedicated to the cord blood industry. Share the Science is always free and open to the public. Learn more about this exciting educational series bringing you the latest in research and industry best practices.

Save the Cord Foundation, proud participant in the
FACT Allied Learning Center


for Schools & Universities

This educational program is designed specifically to reach the Next Generation of parents, doctors, scientists and decision makers with key information about cord blood. We give students an inside look at the science and industry behind cord blood. Learn more.

Video Gallery

Find out the facts on family cord blood banking and donation in our new educational STCF DVD featuring Kimberly Romo. As seen in top OB/GYN offices nationwide.

Visit our video gallery and learn more.


Cord Blood Research

Cord Blood Spotlight at 2017 ISCT Annual Meeting in London

Special Projects & Events

World Cord Blood Day 2017: Official Launch (press release)
Cord Blood World Europe 2017: Educational Approaches
Intel ISEF 2017: STEM Students from 75 Countries to Learn about Cord Blood from STCF & StemCyte

Resources for Parents

Success! April 13th, 2017 – Arizona Cord Blood Conference

Cord Blood Banking Worldwide

Public or private, find the best cord blood bank for you on our interactive map.


Pregnant in Arizona? You have options.

The Arizona Public Cord Blood Program provides those in Arizona with a public donation program linked to the national registry at Be The Match.

It is free to donate!  To learn how, click here ››

Public Cord Blood Donation

Hybrid Banks can help too!

Do you want to donate your baby’s cord blood but can’t find a public bank near you? We have a solution!

Hybrid cord blood banking offers a public donation option available from almost any hospital. Cord for Life is a great example.

Learn more & see our complete list of hybrid banks.

A Few of our Cord Blood Education Partners

Cord Blood Education Partners at Save the Cord Foundation

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Save the Cord Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was established to promote awareness of the life-saving benefits of cord blood based on unbiased and factual information. The Foundation educates parents, health professionals and the general public about the need to preserve this valuable medical resource while providing information on both public cord blood donation programs and family cord blood banks worldwide.

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