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Donating your child’s cord blood to a public bank is highly beneficial in that once donated, it is available to anyone who needs it, and it costs nothing to donate. Donated cord blood can be used to treat any compatible patient, and may also be used for medical research. Essentially, by donating your child’s cord blood you give life twice!

So why don’t more women donate their child’s cord blood? The answer is simple. Women and their health care providers — including many physicians — are often unaware of the right to donate cord blood. Also, the decision needs to be made early in the pregnancy; donating to a public bank requires foresight. The paperwork must be completed well in advance of the birth of your child, as most hospitals are not readily equipped to collect cord blood. The expectant mother has the responsibility to bring the cord blood donation kit supplied by the public bank to the birthing site. Paperwork should be filled out before the 34th week of pregnancy to ensure that you qualify and receive the collection kit in time for your child’s birth.

Donating cord blood to a public bank is particularly important for minority populations. Patients in need of a transplant are more likely to find a match from a donor of the same descent. Because statistically there are fewer racial minorities in the national registries, finding a match can be especially difficult.

One of the goals of the Save the Cord Foundation is to simplify the donation process, increase the number of donations, in particular minority donations, and make donating cord blood a standard of care available to every expectant mother.

We believe that both publicly donated cord blood and, for certain cases, privately stored cord blood are important. The world needs both. But, it is up to the expectant parents to decide what is best for their family.

Parents, you have options.  We want you to take advantage of those options. It is real simple.  If you choose to do nothing, your child’s cord blood will just be thrown away–a loss to you and others. If you choose to donate your child’s cord blood, you could be giving life twice!

Currently, Save the Cord Foundation works in promoting a variety of donation programs at state, national and international levels.  Key programs include: National Cord Blood Inventory (Be the Match – NMDP)Cord for Life, Arizona Public Cord Blood Program and numerous other programs being offers through public/private alliances. Our work in this area is growing every day. Help us in supporting cord blood education by sharing this information with others.

Please be aware that public banks have budget limitations that sometimes restrict the number of donations that are accepted.

Now, how do you choose the RIGHT bank for you? You need to ask the RIGHT questions!  Here are some key questions to consider when talking to your doctor and potential banks.

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