Private Cord Blood Banking (or Family Cord Blood Banks)

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Private cord blood banks, also known as family banks, store cord blood from your baby to be used exclusively by your baby and family. Private cord blood banking ensures that cord blood is always available to the child and family in the event of a future medical need.

When an immediate family member has a disease that requires a stem cell transplant, cord blood from a newborn baby in the family may be the best treatment option. There is a 1-in-4 chance, for example, that cord blood will be a perfect match for a sibling, and cord blood is always a perfect match for the donor.

What’s more, a baby’s cord blood will automatically share half (3/6) of its Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) with each parent, and occasionally will share more (4/6 or 5/6) if both parents have some of the same HLA antigens. HLA is composed of six proteins that appear on the surface of white blood cells and other tissues in the body. These six HLA points determine tissue compatibility between a patient and a donor. The more matching antigens, the more likely the cord blood transplant will be successful. Cord blood transplants have been shown to be successful with as little as a 3/6 match, and unlike bone marrow, do not require a perfect match (6/6). Cord blood is unique in this respect. Cord blood stem cells are the “youngest” form of stem cells and because of this the body more readily accepts the cells into its system.

Occasionally, due to a genetic predisposition to a disease, low volume of the collected cord blood, or a donor’s medical history, a donor’s cord blood may not be able to be used by the child or family member. In those instances the child or family member would have to use donated cord blood.

Most private cord blood banks charge a one-time fee averaging $1,500 to $2,500 and an annual fee averaging $100 to $300 a year.

Just as when donating to a public bank, it is recommended to make arrangements during the second trimester for private banking.

Now, how do you choose the RIGHT bank for you? You need to ask the RIGHT questions!  Here are some key questions to consider when talking to your doctor and potential banks.

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