You are pregnant and you have questions — tons of questions! We are here to give you unbiased and factual pregnancy advice regarding cord blood banking and cord blood donations.

Without any commercial spin, you want to know what is available, how to talk to your doctor about it and why you should even be considering it. We have answers and we are ready with the best pregnancy advice for moms and dads regardless of where you live.

It’s simple.  Cord blood saves lives. Perhaps you have already had a child and did not save the cord at birth? Now, you are pregnant again and it seems like everyone is talking about cord blood.  You are right. Everyone is talking about cord blood because it is now being used to treat 80+ diseases.  Public cord blood donation programs are thankfully starting to develop in more and more countries. Private or sometimes referred to as “family cord blood banking” has also grown across the world as more and more people are finding it useful for treating their own child or a family member.

The world needs both public and private cord blood preservation options.  Why? It’s simple. Certain diseases, illnesses or injuries require your own cord blood. Cerebral palsy is an excellent example of this (see the current research on using cord blood to potentially treat cerebral palsy being led by Dr. Kurtzberg at Duke University). Other diseases like many blood cancers require the cord blood of a healthy stranger–similar to the way bone marrow transplants are used.

Regardless of which option you choose. . . public or private. . . as a parent, you will need to be pro-active! Please speak with your doctors early in your pregnancy about saving your child’s cord blood. Remind them that it can be collected in the majority of births and that you would hate to see this valuable medical resource thrown away as medical waste when it could save a life!

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