NEWS: TechKnow Al Jazeera Goes Behind the Scenes of the Cord Blood Transplant Process

NEWS: TechKnow Al Jazeera Goes Behind the Scenes of the Cord Blood Transplant Process

Dr. Shini Somara and the team from TechKnow Al Jazeera went behind the scenes of the cord blood transplant process in this fascinating story of baby Grace Matthews.

Al Jazeera’s Dr. Shini Somara, heads to Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center in North Carolina to follow little baby Grace Matthews throughout this procedure performed by Dr. Kurtzberg and documents the entire cord blood transplant process.

This video is excellent. The TechKnow Al Jazeera team goes into the details of the cord blood collection and the truly amazing cord blood transplant process. They explain how this fascinating science is going to help baby Grace hopefully combat brain damage caused by hydrocephalus, or water on the brain, a condition characterised by a fluid build-up causing swelling of the head.

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We have spoken with Dr. Kurtzberg many times and we know little Grace Mathews’ story very well, but we felt that this investigative report of the cord blood transplant process done by TechKnow Al Jazeera deserved to be shared (visit the TechKnow official site or join on them on Twitter #AJTECHKNOW ).

How will this help baby Grace? Dr. Kurtzberg explains:

We hope that it’s going to rescue her brain from some of the effects of the pressure from the hydrocephalus she had when she was in utero.

TechKnow Aljazeera and Dr. Somara follow Dr. Kurtzberg into the laboratory to see how the team at Duke University Stem Cell Laboratory prepare Grace’s cord blood unit for transplant. The process is timely! Once the cord blood is removed from storage is must be thawed, remixed and analyzed. . . all in 90 minutes! Then, quickly and carefully the cord blood unit is transferred by courrier to the hospital where baby Grace is waiting.

It is an emotional journey but one that shows how beneficial cord blood can be to your baby, a member of your family or even a stranger.

This is a must see video for any parent wondering about cord blood and how it could possibly help their family.

Please watch and share.

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