NEWS: CryoSave, CryoHoldco and China Cord Blood Corporation Compared by BioInformant

NEWS: CryoSave, CryoHoldco and China Cord Blood Corporation Compared by BioInformant

Groups like CryoSave, CryoHoldco and China Cord Blood Corporation dominate the international scene of the cord blood industry.

Outside of the US, private cord blood banks often cross international borders and face regulations that are very different from the US. CryoSave, CryoHoldco and China Cord Blood Corporation are three of the largest international banks. But, what do you know about them?

As a parent, you may be feeling confused when you see these names. Perhaps you have never heard of them before?  You are not alone. You may only know these names if they are actively advertising in your country.

Countries vary greatly in their regulations for cord blood. Some have no rules. Others have very strict rules. Rules can even vary from region to region — for example, in Sweden.

The world is a big place and being an international player in the cord blood industry is not easy. Logistics and politics can be challenging.  In some places, private banks are not allowed and only public banks exist but in very limited numbers. In many places, public banks do not exist (yet) and the private players control the market. The industry is still evolving.

At Save the Cord Foundation, we do not and will not recommend one bank over another. We recognize that both big and small banks have their advantages. Likewise, we see a role for both public and private banks…especially when they work together.  The industry is constantly changing. We have seen major changes across the board in recent years even with large groups like CryoSave, CryoHoldco and the China Cord Blood Corporation.

Our role at the Foundation is not to choose for you. We want to help you ask the right questions and get the facts.

We feel strongly that parents need to talk to the banks that interest them, ask great questions, and choose a bank based on their own personal priorities. You have options. . . lots of options.

CryoSave_CryoHoldco_Collect cord blood in majority births

Some banks specialize in areas or offer programs that could be important to your particular family. Some may not advertise these programs but they exist behind the scenes and all you need to do is ask.

The key is to be proactive.

Begin your research here, at Save the Cord Foundation.

Then, explore the sites of some of our partners like Be The Match or BioInformant.

In particular, BioInformant is internationally recognized for their studies of the stem cell market. In a recent article, the group focused on three of the largest international cord blood banks, including:

  • CryoSave
  • CryoHoldco
  • China Cord Blood Corporation

In the article, Cade Hildreth, CEO of BioInformant, explains “we compare the three largest cord blood banks outside of the United States. In this analysis, the metrics used to identify the top three international cord blood banks was the number of cord blood and cord tissue units stored, number of transplants, rate of growth, and regions served.”

We encourage you to read the full article from BioInformant which compares these three banks.

“Comparison of the Top 3 International Cord Blood Banks – Cryo-Save, CryoHoldco, China Cord Blood Corporation”
Click here to read the full article.

Bioinformant - Partner in Cord Blood Education

Did you know cord blood has been used for many years to treat various forms of cancer? It’s true. In particular, cord blood is often used to treat leukemia, lymphoma and sickle cell.

#WeCanICan: #BeatCancer with Cord Blood

#WeCanICan: #BeatCancer with Cord Blood

In association with World Cancer Day, we launched a series of stories focused on cancer survivors who were helped by cord blood.

We encourage you to meet Nathan, a 3-time cancer survivor who refers to himself as “3-Peat”. He is an amazing person whose life was saved thanks to cord blood. Read Nathan’s story.

Next, meet Diane, a woman who does not take “no hope” as an answer! Thanks to her persistence and the life-saving qualities of cord blood, Diane beat Hodgkins Lymphoma and is forever grateful to the 2 families who donated their children’s cord blood. Read Diane’s story.

Learn more about work with World Cancer Day and find out how you can get involved!


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