NEWS: Nebraska 1st Ever Double Cord Blood Transplant to Treat 13-Year Old with Leukemia

NEWS: Nebraska 1st Ever Double Cord Blood Transplant to Treat 13-Year Old with Leukemia

Ready to smile?  This week young Joseph Cruz, or “J-Money” as one of the nurses call him, has received a double cord blood transplant to treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).  Doctors at the Nebraska Medicine say that this is first time ever that a double cord blood transplant has been performed in the state of Nebraska.

Diagnosed with leukemia over a year and half ago, doctors desperately tried to find a stem cell match for Joseph. Incredibly, they were not able to find a match for Joseph even though he has 9 brothers and sisters.  They also searched the national registries for bone marrow. Ultimately, it was the training and insight of Dr. Sachit Patel that led them to giving cord blood a chance.

Joseph’s story is yet another reminder of how valuable cord blood is to the medical community and patients desperately waiting for a stem cell match.  Thanks to two families who chose to donate their child’s cord blood at birth, Joseph will have a second chance at life. Imagine if this option had not been available. Cord blood is Joseph’s #CancerMoonshot!

Read more about Joseph and view this interview with him filmed just after his transplant. 

We want to wish Joseph a speedy recovery and thank all of those parents out there who are giving cancer patients a second chance thanks to cord blood.

We also want to acknowledge the outstanding leadership shown by the medical team at Nebraska Medicine who pushed to find a treatment for Joseph. You are fighting childhood cancer head on! Bravo!

Source: Channel 6 WOWT Nebraska


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