Importance of private banking

Importance of private banking

Sometimes parents think that private banking isn’t a necessity and that they could spend their money else where. If we insure our homes, cars and lives, why don’t we think about private banking and saving our babies cord blood?  New parents are quick to purchase expensive cribs and other baby accessories for their newborn, but why not save core blood? They are quick to say that it’s too expensive, will probably never be used…..It’s a bout priorities for your child’s future health and it’s money well spent!   There is a very good chance that it may pay off in the future for your child’s health or a sibling’s.  

I want to share a story of a little boy and his parents who saved his own cord blood and it really paid off.

Rachel and her husband had privately banked their first childs cord blood and decided to also save their second son’s (Luke) cord blood. After Luke was born, Rachel shared her concerns with the doctor that he wasnt meeting his developmental milestones. He had trouble sitting up, didn’t use his right arm, kept his right hand tightly fisted by his side, and didn’t crawl. When Luke was one the  pediatrician gave them a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, most likely caused by a stoke that happened in the womb.

Rachel and her  husband were devastated, Rachel began to read about some new research using a child’s own umbilical cord blood in cases of stroke and cerebral palsy. Rachel had saved her son’s cord blood and called the private bank where her sons cord blood was stored. She was told about a clinical trial underway at Duke University in North Carolina that involved using umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat brain injury.

Rachel contacted Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, who is a pioneer in the development of innovative stem cell therapies, including umbilical cord blood transplants and transfusions. At 15 months old, Luke received his own cord blood at the Duke clinic. Within a few weeks, Luke began to use his right arm. His balance also improved and within two months, he started walking unassisted. His progress was gradual but steady and today, four years later, Luke is running, walking and living an active life of a 6-year-old boy.

Luke lives here in Tucson and is leading a normal active life.  His parents are thankful that they saved his cord blood and were able to use it to treat his cerebral palsy. Parents to be need to know that privately banking cord blood is a good investment in their baby’s future.  We also don’t know the upcoming  cellular advancements surrounding autologous cord blood will be discovered and utilized in the future.  You only have one chance to save cord blood and tissue.

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