GUEST POST:  Hawaii Cord Blood Bank – Sharing the Gift of Life

GUEST POST: Hawaii Cord Blood Bank – Sharing the Gift of Life

Guest post written by Dr. Randal Wada, Linda Watanabe and the wonderful team at Hawaii Cord Blood Bank

Hawai'i Cord Blood Blank, Sharing the Gift of Life

The Hawaii Cord Blood Bank (HCBB) is an independent, non-profit community service organization which began operations in 1998 as a means to help the challenge of finding donors for Hawaii’s ethnically diverse patient population.

A growing proportion of Hawaii’s population is comprised of people from multiple race/mixed ethnicity backgrounds.

According to the 2010 census, there has been a 32% increase in the multiple race segment of our population over the last decade, and Hawaii leads this national trend with 23% of the State’s population reporting two or more races.

This becomes a challenge when patients from Hawaii are searching for a matching bone marrow or stem cell donor since the majority of donors in our national registry are Caucasian, while donors from minorities (African American, Asian, Pacific Islanders) are underrepresented.

Mixed race patients may have inherited a tissue type that is common in one of their parent’s ethnic group, and another tissue type that is common in the other parent’s ethnic group. The combination of these two common types is often uncommon.

The diversity of Hawaii’s population is the main reason Hawaii patients needing stem cell transplants have an especially difficult time finding matching donors.

Although founded to serve the people of Hawaii to fill the critical need for cord blood from multi-ethnic donors, HCBB (click to continue reading). . .

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