As a grassroots organization, Save the Cord Foundation depends on individuals in every community to increase awareness of cord blood’s life-saving potential. One important way to spread the word is through house parties hosted by people like you.

A house party can be as simple as gathering your friends and family, and sharing stories of the lives cord blood has saved. Save the Cord Foundation provides hosts with talking points, materials and planning help. The goal is to inspire guests to become advocates for cord blood collection, and support the Save the Cord Foundation in its mission .

It’s a perfect opportunity to share your passion for the cause. Email us to get your house party started, or call (520) 419-0269 for more information.

As a host you would:

  • Provide the venue (your home is usually best).
  • Provide drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks) and light refreshments.
  • Invite as many guests as you feel comfortable with.

(Prior to the event, please provide Save the Cord Foundation with the guest list)

  • Give a brief testimonial explaining your involvement and why banking or donating cord blood is important. Introduce the Save the Cord Foundation representative, if one is present.

Some hosts create a committee of friends willing to invite their friends and help out with the event. More hosts and guests mean more awareness, and often more fun!

Save the Cord Foundation will:

  • Provide representatives to help sign in guests and answer questions if feasible.
  • Provide materials for the event including: sign in sheet, DVD, brochures and remit envelopes. These items will be mailed prior to the event, or brought to the party by the representative if one is attending.
  • If a representative is present, she will give a brief presentation about cord blood, talk about the history of the organization and make an appeal for donations.
  • Send thank you notes after the event.

Download a house party information packet here

About Save the Cord Foundation

Save the Cord Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was established to promote awareness of the life-saving benefits of cord blood based on unbiased and factual information. The Foundation educates parents, health professionals and the general public about the need to preserve this valuable medical resource while providing information on both public cord blood donation programs and family cord blood banks worldwide.

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