Dylan Praskins:  Being a Kid. . . Thanks to a Cord Blood Transplant for Leukemia!

Dylan Praskins: Being a Kid. . . Thanks to a Cord Blood Transplant for Leukemia!

If you have been following Save the Cord Foundation for a while then you will remember meeting young Dylan Praskins in a previous article where we introduced this amazing boy shortly after his cord blood transplant for Leukemia.  We recently caught up with Dylan’s parents, Erik and Michelle, to get an update.

Dylan Praskins undergoing chemo prior to a cord blood transplant.

Dylan Praskins undergoing chemo prior to a cord blood transplant.

Born on April 16th, 2009, Dylan was diagnosed with infant leukemia or ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) at only 2 months old. The cancer was very aggressive and he was considered high risk because he was younger than 90 days old.  Doctors moved quickly putting Dylan on intense chemo therapy. They also concluded that a cord blood transplant for Leukemia would be the best treatment in his case. On September 11th, 2009, Dylan received the cord blood transplant and as his parents will tell you “it was nothing short of a miracle.”

Move forward to today and Dylan is an active and intelligent 6 year old! His family has documented his progress and their experience post-transplant via a family blog: http://prayfordylan.blogspot.com

dylan praskins cord blood recipient

Being a kid! 6 years after his cord blood transplant, Dylan is having fun.

Dylan’s cord blood treatment was very successful. However, battling cancer is never easy and the process can be stressful physically as well as emotionally.

Remembering the day when Dylan was diagnosed, Erik recalled the details, “June 13, 2009…..6pm….”Your son’s white blood cell count is extremely elevated. That can mean one of two things; he may have a tumor of some sort, or he has Leukemia.” I can hear those words as clear in my mind as I heard them over a year ago. Cancer has changed our lives– Leukemia has changed our lives.”

celebrating 6 years old cancer free

Celebrating being 6 years old cancer free with BLUE ice cream!

The family speaks honestly about the difficulties they have been through saying “. . .so much has happened since then. I can remember that day [the day Dylan received his cord blood transplant] as if it were yesterday. We were so anxious, and praying harder than we have ever prayed before.”

Following the transplant, Dylan’s health started to improve rather quickly and he was declared Leukemia free by Christmas.  However, the first major milestone was when Dylan reached the 1-year anniversary of his cord blood transplant for Leukemia and the cancer was still in remission.

A few months ago, Dylan was selected as the “Boy of the Year 2015” for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He and his family talk about their experience now 6 years post-transplant in this informative video which was shared with us by his family.


Learn what happened to Dylan next. . . continue reading this article, go to part 2.


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