Cord Blood Webinar: Dr. Elmoazzen from Cord Blood Bank at Canadian Blood Services

Cord Blood Webinar: Dr. Elmoazzen from Cord Blood Bank at Canadian Blood Services

Save the Cord Foundation and Mediware recently welcomed Dr. Heidi Elmoazzen from the public cord blood bank at Canadian Blood Services for an informative cord blood webinar as part of our on-going Share the Science series.

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Featured Cord Blood Webinar Speaker: Dr. Heidi Elmoazzen, Project Director, Cord Blood Bank, Canadian Blood Services

Dr. Heidi Elmoazzen is the Project Director of the National Cord Blood Bank and Stem Cell Manufacturing at Canadian Blood Services.

During this insightful cord blood webinar, Dr. Elmoazzen discussed strategies for improving the quality of inventory in cord blood banks as well as strategies for increasing the utilization of banked cord blood units.

She spoke about some of the factors, including ethnic diversity, total nucleated cell (TNC) count, processing parameters, HLA typing (resolution and NIMA) as well as accreditation, that play an important role in the selection of cord blood units for transplant.

Dr. Emoazzen’s presentation also examined recent data regarding the Cord Blood Unit Utilization Score (Magalon et al., 2015) and how to apply it in a given cord blood inventory.

If you are a health professional or work in the cord blood industry, we highly recommend taking a little time today to watch the live recording of this cord blood webinar (available online here).

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