Cord Blood Uses and Innovations with Dr. Curtis Cetrulo

Cord Blood Uses and Innovations with Dr. Curtis Cetrulo

For parents all around the world, it starts with a question. . . should I save my baby’s cord blood? To help answer this question we sat down with Dr. Curtis Cetrulo (Former Professor OB/GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine Tufts University School of Medicine) to learn about the current cord blood uses and innovations while getting a bit of insight on what the future holds for cord blood.  This discussion blew our minds and we talk with cord blood experts every day!

In this fast-paced 15 minute interview, Dr. Cetrulo took this very technical topic and put things into simple layman’s terms. He also opened our eyes to the latest research using perinatal stem cells, including cord blood stem cells.
What are perinatal stem cells? You often here us talking about cord blood stem cells but what does the term “perinatal stem cells” mean? “Perinatal stem cell sources include: amnion, amniotic fluid, cord blood, cord tissue/wharton’s jelly, as well as placental blood and placental tissue. Perinatal stem cells are formed around the time of birth and are classified as adult stem cells but they really are more primitive then stem cells found in bone marrow or adipose tissue or other traditional sources of adult stem cells and as such, have greater therapeutic potential.” (Source: , accessed on October 31, 2015)

If you are a parent looking for guidance and clarification on what to do with your child’s cord blood, please take a few minutes to watch this video. It is like having a personal consultation with your OBGYN. Dr. Cetrulo takes the time to speak with honestly about the changing world of medicine and why you should save your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • the numerous cord blood uses and innovations including the diseases currently being treated with cord blood stem cells;
  • potential use of cord blood stem cells for treating heart attacks;
  • key questions like “should I save my baby’s cord blood?” Dr. Cetrulo gives his advice to today’s parents;
  • current research and recent breakthroughs involving cord blood: using cord blood to help the brain by treating cerebral palsy, autism, current and potential applications of cell therapy in regenerative medicine;
  • related medical discoveries that will reshape the face of medicine including the recent discovery of fetal stem cells in the mother’s blood circulation up to 25 years post-birth;
  • a brief introduction to the upcoming Perinatal Stem Cell Conference (March 2016) where these topics and much more will be discussed.

We found this discussion beneficial on so many levels. We talk to parents every day who are just beginning to learn about cord blood and the possibilities for preserving it. Many are not aware of the 80+ diseases currently being treated with cord blood stem cells including sickle cell anemia, leukemia, lymphomas and various blood cancers. However, the insight provided by Dr. Cetrulo about the new applications of cord blood with regards to heart attacks, brain development and regenerative medicine adds a whole new level of urgency to making cord blood preservation a standard form of care in maternities worldwide. Medicine is changing rapidly thanks to stem cell based therapies and non-controversial perinatal stem cells (namely cord blood stem cells) are at the forefront of this change.
As we begin preparations for the Annual Perinatal Stem Cell Conference in March 2016, this discussion with Dr. Cetrulo has given us a preview to what topics will be discussed. Undoubtedly, the use of perinatal stem cells in regenerative medicine will be one of the most talked about topics. In particular, we are looking forward to hearing more about how perinatal stem cells are being used in sports medicine. On Thursday evening, March 3rd, there will be a panel of leading sports medicine surgeons and stem cell practitioners dedicated to this topic, including Dr. Cetrulo’s son who is a Surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. The “Sports Medicine Panel” is free and open to the public so we would like to encourage you to attend.  This is a prime opportunity to meet the doctors and researchers who are pushing for real breakthroughs in medicine and are finding immediate applications for perinatal stem cells in sports medicine.  
If you would like to learn more about perinatal stem cells or are interested in attending the annual conference, please visit:

Save the Cord Foundation wishes to thank Dr. Cetrulo and the entire team at the Perinatal Stem Cell Society for making this interview possible. 

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