Interview with Diane Paradise: How Cord Blood Stopped Her Hodgkins Lymphoma

Interview with Diane Paradise: How Cord Blood Stopped Her Hodgkins Lymphoma

Save the Cord Foundation recently sat down to speak with Diane Paradise who beat cancer thanks to a cord blood transplant. In this interview, Diane tells us about her long battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma and how close she came to dying. To see her now, you would never know that she had ever been sick.

Diane has a wonderfully infectious personality. When you meet her, you immediately smile. She is positive in every way but it is not until you hear Diane tell her story that you realize how special (and lucky) she is.



She was 24 when initially diagnosed with Nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin disease. Her life changed in an instant. A small lump under her arm turned into non-stop chemo and hospital visits, cycles of improvement only to be diagnosed again with cancer, treatments which became less and less effective. . .

Throughout the years, Diane explored new treatments, new doctors and challenged the predictions regarding her chances to conquer this horrible disease. She never gave up. She new her best chance was herself.

It was her determination that led her to the specialists at Johns Hopkins. She was invited to participate in a clinical trial and then randomly selected to receive a cord blood transplant. After much research of her own, Diane decided to go forward with her participation in the study. It was a decision that would ultimately save her life.

She received a double cord blood stem cell transplant on December 3rd, 2013. The cords come from donors who she will never meet. She knows one of the cords came from a little girl born on July 21, 2011. Just think. . . she is about to turn 6 and has already saved someone’s life!

In this short interview with Diane, we talk to her about life before and after her cord blood transplant. She reminds of how she is still trying to get used to being “cancer-free” because for years cancer was all she knew. She became one with it. Today, she is proud to say that she has been officially “released from Oncology” and no longer lives in fear.

Read more about Diane here. 

Diane has one message to those who are expecting a baby. . . “Save the Cord!”


We wish to thank Diane Paradise

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Save the Cord Foundation. 


#WeCanICan: #BeatCancer with Cord Blood

#WeCanICan: #BeatCancer with Cord Blood

Learn more about our on-going series “# WeCanICan : Beat Cancer with Cord Blood” and register to be a part of our Parents community. We are committed to cord blood education for parents and the medical community worldwide. Show your support by sharing this information with others, especially expectant parents.

London Puts the Spotlight on Cord Blood

London Puts the Spotlight on Cord Blood

cord blood spotlight london fact cba isct meetingsLondon is buzzing with talk about cord blood these days!  The 2017 ISCT Meetings kicked off last week with a 2-day focus on cord blood featuring experts from FACT, CBA, ISCT and ASBMT.  Our team was fortunate to be in attendance for this exclusive event.

The first day of the event focused on introducing banks to the FACT Cord Blood inspection process as well as the need for international standards. A portion of the day was also dedicated to explaining the role of the inspector and the requirements for becoming an inspector.

On the second day, meetings ran in tandem featuring a variety of topics and speakers. Attendees were encouraged to float between the two rooms and attend those meeting most important to them. In one room, FACT focused on real world applications of procedures and concepts. The day was designed to strengthen attendees quality assurance knowledge through a variety of presentations and exercises.

One of our favorite presentations and exercises looked at the implications and risks of having standards that are too strict given the potential new applications for cord blood in the near future. This topic was led by Ed Brindle, MSc, MLT from Insception Lifebank cord blood bank in Canada and an active volunteer on the FACT Accreditation Standards Committee.  He challenged attendees to work together to determine the pros and cons of changing certain acceptance criteria for cord blood units and the impact that these changes would have on current and future therapies.

Another notable presentation was made by Gesine Koegler, PhD who discussed the recent evolutions in the industry, namely the NetCord and WMDA partnership. Not only did Koegler give an overview of current trends in the industry but she spoke in great detail about the benefits of bringing WMDA and NetCord together under one umbrella. Born out of common goals, the new partnership signals another milestone for the industry as a whole.

CBA Agenda ISCT 2017

CBA Agenda ISCT 2017

Just upstairs, the Cord Blood Association together with ISCT and ABSMT held a full day of presentations. They hosted a truly dynamic group of speakers including Jaap Boelens, PhD. and Juliet Barker, MBBS. Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg and Dr. Elizabeth J. Shpall presented alongside key leaders in the field to cover topics such as cord expansion, cord blood versus haplo trends and breakthroughs in regenerative medicine. Each presentation was packed with useful information and the question/answer sessions were particularly beneficial.

Without a doubt the 2-day Cord Blood Spotlight was both highly educational and practical. As attendees, we learned about the importance of international standards for both public and private cord blood banks. We also enjoyed hearing how the latest research is advancing and then going back to the workshops to explore how the standards might change in the future based on these developments.

One thing is clear. . . the best public/private cord blood banks understand these details. They are actively making sure that the cord blood units they store are accessible and usable for current applications. They are also preparing today for what the near future holds, especially with regards to regenerative medicine.


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medicina regerativa cordon umbilical




“Medicina regenerativa:
Salve vidas y reduzca costos de atención médica”



World Cord Blood Day 2017: Official Launch (press release)

World Cord Blood Day 2017: Official Launch (press release)

Inaugural event, World Cord Blood Day 2017, highlights non-controversial source of stem cells

World Cord Blood Day (November 15th) provides an opportunity for parents and health professionals to learn about current cord blood applications and ground-breaking research

Tucson, Arizona – March 27th, 2017: Expectant parents and health professionals across the globe are invited to participate in the first ever World Cord Blood Day to be held on November 15th, 2017.

More than 35,000 cord blood transplants have been performed worldwide since 1988 to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases including sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, lymphoma and leukemia. In the emerging field of regenerative medicine, cord blood holds great promise in treating autism, diabetes, hearing loss, stroke, brain injury and more. Yet, cord blood is still thrown away as medical waste in the majority of births worldwide. The purpose of World Cord Blood Day is to educate expectant parents and health professionals about the current applications for this non-controversial source of stem cells and to highlight the exciting research happening in this field of medicine.

“We are excited about this opportunity to expand cord blood education worldwide while providing a platform for discussion focused exclusively on this valuable medical resource,” said Charis Ober, Executive Director of Save the Cord Foundation.

Organized by Save the Cord Foundation, World Cord Blood Day is officially sponsored by Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics (, a recognized leader in medical shipping and logistics. Inspiring Partners for this inaugural event include the Cord Blood Association, Be the Match (NMDP), World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA – Netcord), AABB and FACT. As Inspiring Partners, these organizations will provide industry-specific and medical expertise.

“As the most experienced global transportation provider of cord blood for processing and transplant, we are proud to be a sponsor of World Cord Blood Day and are dedicated to supporting the life science community by providing innovative logistics solutions that help save and improve lives. Our 36 years of life science experience makes the difference when it comes to product security, integrity and chain of custody during the transportation process,” said Dave Murphy, Executive VP of Quick’s Life Science Division.

In addition to free events to be held around the globe, World Cord Blood Day will host a free virtual conference (free, open to the public and health professionals) on November 15th. The program will include introductory presentations appropriate for the public as well as academic lectures specifically designed for health professionals, led by renowned researchers and transplant doctors. In parallel, social media (#WCBD17) will be used to build cord blood awareness and encourage participation in the day’s events.

Visit to learn how you can participate or host an event.


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