True Story: Donated Cord Blood Saved Linda’s Life

The following story was sent to us recently by Linda Kosinski who was diagnosed with a very rare form of leukemia and survived thanks to a cord blood transplant!  Linda is living proof that donated cord blood saves lives!  If you are pregnant, please consider donating your child’s cord blood at birth.  You could help someone just like Linda.  To learn about others who have benefited from the wonders of cord blood, please visit “Personal Stories” on our main website.


“The families who chose to donate their babies cord blood have saved my life.”

In November of 2007 I was your ordinary stay at home mom to three small boys. I got the shock of my life when I was diagnosed with Philadelphia positive acute lymphocytic leukemia (Ph+ ALL). This subtype of leukemia generally has a poor prognosis. I initially spent 57 days in the hospital and received aggressive chemotherapy. I was in and out of the hospital several more times over the next five months. I went into remission and it was determined by my doctors that I needed a bone marrow transplant to survive.

My two sisters were tested and neither was a match. We then searched the national bone marrow registry. There are millions of people on this registry but unfortunately, no match. My family and friends held numerous bone marrow drives. While they were able to add hundreds of people to the registry, there was still no suitable match for me.

At this point we were running out of options. My husband began researching other options and other hospitals. He spoke to Dr. Anthony Stein at City of Hope Medical Center in California and he thought he may be able to help me with a cord blood transplant. The great thing about cord blood transplants is that the match does not have to be as exact as in a live bone marrow transplant. As an adult, I needed two donors and he was able to find two matches for me. I flew out to California in July of 2008 and spent the next four months there.

It has been 4 ½ years since my cord blood transplant and I am happy to say that I am doing very well. The families who chose to donate their babies cord blood have saved my life and gave me the opportunity to see my children grow up. Words cannot express my gratitude to these generous people. My life was saved by a cord blood donation but many people die while waiting for the right match. I urge everyone to make the choice and save your baby’s cord blood. You have the opportunity to give the greatest gift of all and possibly save a life.
Linda – 1/14/13

Thank you so much Linda for sharing your story with us!

We hope that this will encourage everyone who reads it to donate their child’s cord blood.
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Are you following Noah’s story?

Have you been following Noah’s story?

Here is the latest . . .

Learn how your child’s cord blood could save the life of someone else.  Please consider donating your child’s cord blood and if a donations program is not available near you then contact us to find out what other options are available (example: hybrid banks offer public and private banking and are often able to collect from anywhere in the US).

*Noah was also a participant in our Young Artists Program.  Click here to see the gallery featuring his work and the work of numerous other children.

Saving cord blood as a lifesaving medical resource

Umbilical cord blood is a  valuable, non controversial, medical resources that can be donated to treat and cure over 80 life-threatening diseases like sickle cell and blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.Cord blood can also be donated to expand cord blood research. Cord blood can also be privately or family banked for future regenerative medicine therapies for the child. Medical researchers and physicians are currently using autologous or the child’s same cord blood cells in clinical trial treating cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury.   Privately banked cord blood can also be saved as a family medical resource for a sick sibling or family member, this is especially important if the family has a history of certain diseases that can be treated with cord blood.

Cord blood has no ethical, religious, moral or religious issues and neither mother or child is harmed in the collection. Save the Cord Foundation’s mission is to provide all expectant parents and the public with non commercial, factual information about the value of saving cord blood, so they can make their own educated decision about their families future medical health options.

There are over 3.5 mission births in the US each year, and 95% of all cord blood from these births is thrown out as medical waste. Save the Cord Foundation’s vision is to make saving cord blood the new standard of care of all newborns and birthing hospitals across our nation.  Learn the facts and the public and private resources for saving cord blood at

Every cord saved, can save or change a life!


Why Public Donation of Cord Blood? Meet Noah.

We would like to introduce to someone. . . a young boy who needs a cord blood transplant as soon as possible.  His story is why we believe public donation is so important.  If you are expecting a baby, please consider donating your child’s cord blood.  It could save the life of someone else.  . . maybe even Noah’s.

Here is his story:

Noah is the son of Scott and Nancy Swanson.  Born on September 18, 2009, Noah was diagnosed with severe Neutropenia and Myelodysplastic Syndrome. He has been classified as having Refractory Cytopenia of Childhood (RCC) MDS. The doctors at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, have recommended a life-saving bone marrow transplant or cord blood transplant.

Learn more about Noah on his website:

The Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) is a national charity dedicated to organizing and guiding communities in raising funds for transplant-needy patients.  You can help contribute to Noah’s fund by following the link above.

*Noah is also a budding artist! Check out his artwork and the work of other children who are making a difference in the world in our Young Artist Gallery.  You can also submit your child’s artwork to support this worthy cause (FREE to participate). Sign up here:

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