Public Cord Blood Donation

Nationwide Public Cord Blood Donation Program – Cord for Life

Do you want to donate your baby’s cord blood but do not have access to a hospital where this is possible?

Hybrid banks are beginning to fill the need for more nationwide public cord blood donation by providing a limited number of sponsored collections to those parents who qualify.  Each bank is different so you must talk to them directly about options.  See our complete list of hybrid banks.

Also, you MUST be pro-active in speaking with your doctors and nurses about your desire to donate you baby’s cord blood. This process may be very new for hospitals not familiar with how public cord blood donation works. Don’t let that stop you because you may be opening the door for more donors in your area!  Your interest will certainly encourage others and ultimately help to build and diversify the national registry for cord blood. Your donation will go to help patients in the US and around the world who are waiting for a donor match.  It could be used to treat leukemia, sickle cell anemia, lymphoma . . . the list goes on (see our list of diseases currently treated with cord blood).

Save the Cord Foundation has partnered with LifeForce Cryobanks to promote the Cord for Life Program, a nationwide public cord blood donation program (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).  A limited number of spaces are sponsored by LifeForce Cryobanks who assists with the process and collects your child’s cord blood nationwide.

You MUST contact them PRIOR to your 32nd week in order to begin the process and confirm that you meet the criteria for public donation.

Contact CORD FOR LIFE for more details.

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