Time to talk Cord Blood Donation! It’s Cord Blood Awareness Month Arizona!

Time to talk Cord Blood Donation! It’s Cord Blood Awareness Month Arizona!

The State of Arizona has officially declared July as Cord Blood Awareness Month! Time to talk Cord Blood Donation with your doctor!

We are so proud to be a partner in this innovative program and we hope it will inspire expectant parents to donate their child’s cord blood. It could save a life.

Official announcement: Arizona Cord Blood Awareness Month

Official announcement: Arizona Cord Blood Awareness Month

In his official announcement, Governor Douglas Ducey highlighted many of the reasons cord blood is essential. He also mentioned many of the groups who help collect, distribute and use cord blood to save lives of people in Arizona as well as across the nation. Here is a summary of the main points:

-. . . thousands of patients are diagnosed with a blood cancer or other life-threatening disease each year in the United States;

-. . . umbilical cord blood is a non-controversial source of blood stem cells that can be a potential cure for patients fighting life-threatening blood cancers and other diseases;

-. . . donated cord blood units can be listed on the national BE THE MATCH REGISTRY where they are made available to any patient in need of a transplant or provided to Arizona researchers working on curing blood cancers and other diseases;

-. . . local, regional and state volunteers, researchers and medical professionals are working to inform expectant mothers about the critical need for publicly donated cord blood units;

-. . . increased public education and promotion of the life-saving power of public donation is needed to provide blood cancer patients a chance for a cure;

-. . .the Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona Biomedical Research Commission has partnered with Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix Baptist Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Tucson Medical Center, and Save the Cord Foundation to provide the Arizona Public Cord Blood Program.


Thank you Governor Ducey, Secretary of State Michele Reagan and all of the supporting partners of this program for bringing this topic to forefront and talking about it honestly.

Public cord donation is so important. Cord blood is used to treat over 70 diseases.  For many of these diseases you can use your own cord blood, but for other diseases such as the blood cancers mentioned above you cannot use your own cord blood and this is why public donation programs are necessary.

If you are pregnant, please ask your doctor about saving your baby’s cord blood. If you do not, it is simply thrown away. Today, nearly 95% of cord blood is thrown away as medical waste nationwide. Yet, there are people waiting for good cord blood match from a donor. Please don’t throw away your baby’s cord blood. It could help someone right now.

READ THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE HERE:  NewsRelease_CordBloodAwarenessMonth_7-1-15

We hope this proclamation of the importance of cord blood will inspire expectant parents everywhere to donate their child’s cord blood. Find the closest Cord Blood Donation Hospital near you on our Global Map.

Need more information? Contact us.

READ FAQ’s about the Arizona Public Cord Blood Program, here.



Learn what the partner hospitals are doing to support Cord Blood Awareness Month for Arizona:

Tucson Medical Center: “19 Lives Saved, and counting”


Do you know someone whose life was saved by cord blood? Or would you like to tell us about your experience of donating cord blood?
Go to SHARE YOUR STORY and tell us about your experience.  It could help others.

8 Quick Facts about Cord Blood

8 Quick Facts about Cord Blood

This week:  8 Quick Facts about Cord Blood Awareness

brought to you by the Cord Blood Awareness Campaign with BioInformant

Save the Cord Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to cord blood banking awareness and education, and BioInformant Worldwide, LLC, a research firm specializing in the cord blood industry, partnered to launch an awareness campaign called “Cord Blood Banking Awareness: Educating America and the World.”

Click here to learn 8 Quick Facts about Cord Blood:

The Weekly Cord Blood Banking Awareness Fact Campaign

Cord Blood Awareness Fact 1

Cord Blood Awareness Fact 1

Cord Blood Awareness Fact 2

Cord Blood Awareness Fact 2











The campaign is a global effort that will educate currently expecting parents, as well as future parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends, about the medical benefits of cord blood preservation. The campaign will involve distribution of weekly facts about cord blood banking awareness, as well as distribution of media content and videos sharing factual information about cord blood banking awareness rates in the U.S. and other countries worldwide.

Save The Cord Foundation will be releasing one fact every Wednesday and they will also be shared on BioInformant’s social media platforms.

You can view the weekly facts here:

Twitter: @SaveTheCord and @StemCellMarket
LinkedIn: BioInformant
Facebook: SaveTheCord

Save The Cord Foundation would like to thank BioInformant for their support and partnership in cord blood advocacy and education.

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